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  Mikhail Itkin


Most Americans – Gay or non-Gay – consider themselves to be neither rich nor poor, neither success nor failure, neither privileged nor deprived. They have been carefully taught that they are simply part of the great middle and that, in a hungry world, they should count themselves lucky for it.
Our present time of crisis proves the falsity of that assumption!

We, at THE GAY ANARCHIST, don’t count that as being a “lucky” condition to be in. Those arrogant with power have built a trap; and like lemmings marching to the sea, most people have fallen in. Those arrogant with power despise the true individual (the word means “one who is undivided in him/herself”, in its origins), and so they try to keep us too satisfied to rebel, too insignificant to matter.
It’s always necessary for the ruling class of the State to keep the people in a sleepwalking state. If they’re hungry, quiet them with food stamps. Lull them to sleep with phoney promises of security, kill off the spirit of creativity by inculcating standards of propriety and conformity – keep a ritual scapegoat to blame when things go wrong. Calm the people ... destroy the individual!

And now, as always in the history of the patriarchy, faggots and dykes are the ultimate scapegoat for the State.

But we have seen through this trap. THE GAY ANARCHIST calls out, in the words of the ancient prophecy, “Awake and sing, you who dwell in dust ... and the earth shall cast out its dead” (Isaiah).

- Mikhail F. Itkin, C.L.C.,
THE GAY ANARCHIST, Journal of the Libertarian-Socialist Gay Caucus,
May-June 1977, Volume 1, Num. 1