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Universal Gnostic Ministry & Study
Affirming Unity + Celebrating Diversity

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"In the Name of the Infinite Mind of Light,
the Mystical Body of Life, and the Holy Spirit of Love +
One Reality, that manifests, sustains, and transforms All Beings."

- from The Yoga of the Christos: A Universal Gnostic Liturgy

Circle of the Free Spirit was founded in 1992. It is rooted in the independent sacramental lineage and the Way of Gnosis (Self-Knowledge) as found in pre-Nicene Christianity.

We seek Wisdom - Sophia - wherever She may be found. As such we openly draw from other traditions, such as Buddhism, Vedanta, Hermeticism, and other philosophies that may be called non-dualist and non-divisive.

We are not bound by literalist interpretations of scripture and tradition, and freely reject what we consider to be false and unjust notions propagated in the name of religion.

We affirm the mutual freedom of all individuals in matters of conscience and lifestyle, and welcome those often excluded and oppressed by organized religion on the basis of gender and sexuality. Indeed, spiritual androgyny is a hallmark and goal of the Way of Gnosis. The true Self is neither, both, and beyond male and female.

As all beings are embraced by the same true Self, the One Reality, we see that whatever we do to others, we do to our Self. This is the inner and Gnostic meaning to the ancient Golden Rule to "Love your neighbor as your Self." Ideally, we extend this admonition to all sentient beings, and so we highly recommend vegetarianism as an ethical and spiritual practice, and as a prerequisite for peace and justice in the world.

We look to one another for insight and cameraderie along the way. Wherever the Circle gathers, there is our "temple in consciousness", one "not built by human hands". We call this AVATAR TEMPLE in honor of our friendship with the Hermetic Order of the Silver Sword and its Avalon Temple in Toronto.

We are an informal community practicing a spiritual friendship that supports each person in the discovery of who they really are. We affirm Unity, celebrate Diversity.

Our sacramental ritual is The Yoga of the Christos: A Universal Gnostic Liturgy. A short contemplative version, suitable for individual practice, can be found on this website. Guided by Spirit, changes to the Liturgy are made from time to time.

Meditation is helpful to many, and the Circle bishop can suggest one or another method to get in touch with inner stillness, simplicity, and contentment.

Our regular Gnostic Study Group gets together to explore ancient Christian and Gnostic traditions and their relevance today.

All sincere seekers of Gnosis and Sophia are welcome!

In New York City

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Circle of the Free Spirit
Box 230316 Ansonia Station
New York, NY 10023

Bishop + Mark Aelred

Michel Elliot + Priest

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Launched: July 7, 2006

Updated: May 1, 2007